Version 0.1
Copyright (c) 2018 Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit Team

The PostNewtonianSelfForce package provides a set of functions for working with post-Newtonian expansions in the self-force regime. The results are categorized by the spacetime (Schwarzschild/Kerr) or orbit type (e.g. circular, eccentric, etc). The results give the highest-order PN results known. Each subdirectory has a file that shows who has contributed to the growth of these PN series over the years.

Getting the package

The latest development version will always be available from the project git repository:

git clone


Mathematica: PostNewtonianSelfForce requires a recent version of Mathematica. It is typically tested with only the latest available version.


Clone the repository and place it somewhere on Mathematica’s $Path. Typical locations are inside ${HOME}/.Mathematica/Applications/ for Linux or inside ${HOME}/Library/Mathematica/Applications/ for Mac OSX.


The package may be loaded into Mathematica using the command:

« PostNewtonianSelfForce`


Examples are included in the documentation. See the PostNewtonianSelfForce page in Documentation Center.


7 Jan 2018: Initial version released.

Known problems

Known bugs and issues are recorded in the project bug tracker:


This code is distributed under the MIT License. Details can be found in the LICENSE file.

Module authors and series contributors

Barry Wardell
Niels Warburton

PN-SF series contributed by:

Donato Bini, Thibault Damour, Ryuichi Fujita, Seth Hopper, Chris Kavanagh, Adrian Ottewill, Abhay Shah, Barry Wardell