Fast self-forced inspirals

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C++ code to compute self-force inspirals rapidly using the near-identity transformed (NIT’d) equations of motion.

NIT phase space inspiral

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Requirements, Installation and Usage

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The NIT inspiral model is constructed using the self-force model from N. Warburton et al. Consequently it is only valid for Schwarzschild inspirals with initial parameters 0 <= e <0.2 and 6+2e < p < 12. This will be extended in the near future using the self-force model of T. Osburn et al. The plan is also to extend the model to generic inspirals in Kerr spacetime.

Known problems

Known bugs are recorded in the project bug tracker.


The code is licensed under the GPLv3 open-source licence. Details can be found in the LICENSE file.

Authors and contributors

Niels Warburton, Maarten van de Meent

Citation Guideline

If you make use of this Toolkit module in your work please cite: M. van de Meent, N. Warburton, “Fast Self-forced Inspirals”, arXiv:1802.05281

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This work makes use of the Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit.