Gremlin - Teukolsky equation solver for a point particle on a bound, timelike orbit

Gremlin is a toolkit for studying solutions to the Teukolsky equation using a point-particle source. GremlinEq is a version of Gremlin that specializes the source to circular and equatorial orbits of Kerr black holes. The full Gremlin package will be released publicly via the Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit; certain proprietary libraries that were used in its development must be cleaned up and replaced with Open Source resources. GremlinEq has been so cleaned, and is hereby provided as an initial release.

GremlinEq depends upon:

If you are on a Mac these are can be easily installed using Brew. On Linux the package manager should be able to install them. We're not sure of the best way to install them on Windows (please let us know!)

To compile GremlinEq you will need:

Once you have compiled GremlinEq the binaries are placed in the bin/ folder. The main binary is 'Circ_Eq'. This will output an HDF5 file which contains information about the computed mode. Many other binaries are provided which provide additional functions – see the documentation for details.

Initial documentation can be found in doc/doc.pdf

Doxygen documentation is automatically re-generated with each commit and can be found at: You can also generate the documentation locally by running doxygen in the root folder.

Scott Hughes